Monday, 10 October 2011

Providing the learning construct in the infrastructure sector

SARAS for training employees of the engineering construction industry in UK
The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) was created by Act of Parliament in July 1991 in recognition of the vital role the industry plays in the UK economy. The engineering construction industry designs, constructs and maintains process plants for the oil, gas, water, environmental, food, power generation, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The UK engineering construction industry is the largest in the EU. Around 80,000 people are employed in this industry.

ECITB is the centre of excellence for advice, information and skills development for the engineering construction industry. The board holds funds on behalf of the industry and manages training programmes, distributes grants for training and develops qualifications for people across the industry. It focuses on improving site-based craft and supervisory skills, together with office-based skills of design and project management.

The Requirement

ECITB wanted to implement an e-learning solution to enable the employees located offshore, in the oil rigs, to access training
materials on Offshore Supervisory and Management topics. A system for asynchronous collaboration between the trainees and the experts located in the mainland was also required.

The Solution

Based on the study of the requirement a solution for management and delivery of learning with a strong emphasis on collaboration was identified. SARAS managed learning environment comprising of Learning Management System, tightly integrated with a lite version of the SARAS Assessment Management System has been implemented.


·         Effective training and remote asynchronous tutoring of learners was implemented leading to increased effectiveness in retention of learning
·         The entire project yielded a high Return on Investment (ROI) with the entire learning need fulfilled at remote locations saving transit costs of learners and trainers

·         Remote tracking of trainee activities was possible ensuring the reach and implementation of the training

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