Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Universities and modern education systems: a case study from the middle east

SARAS - the local language compatible delivery platform of a virtual university

The Syrian Virtual University is a public institution, fully accredited and endorsed by the Ministry of Higher Education in Syria. It aims at providing its students in the region and all over the world with International standards of Higher Education within an integrated pedagogical environment based on the latest technological

Traditional universities are restricted by nature in capacity absorption; limitation in curricula creation, time and money, lack of qualified faculty to teach.

The University delivers numerous online degrees, certification programs (about 400) in Arabic and English SARAS managed learning environment comprising of Learning
Management System, tightly integrated with a lite version of the Assessment Management System has been implemented.

The suite facilitates all essential remote learning activities such as online tutoring, assessment, monitoring and feedback with the tutors and students in different countries.

The Requirement

The university needed a robust, scalable e-learning platform that facilitates remote
learning, activity tracking, collaboration tools to support its distance learning courses offered online.

The Solution

SARAS e-learning suite comprising of Learning Management System and Assessment
Management System with the ability to deliver content in Arabic language.


·         A cost-effective solution with modular features that was easy-to-use and manage for teachers and administrators reducing complexity
·         A scalable e-learning platform to handle multiple concurrent users as the size of the
·         Student & tutor community grows gradually helping enhance scale
·         Content porting, packaging, integration with other tools like WebDemo & WebInteractive to help tailor learning modules to teaching
·         Remote tutoring for e-tutoring using collaboration tools for enhance reach
·         Online tests and examinations which enhanced the security of the entire process